Voyager Crypto

Trusted, secure access to discover and trade Cryptocurrency for Metrixx users. Voyager delivers best-in-class customer service, commission-free crypto trading, and provides direct connectivity to over a dozen crypto exchanges. Customers gain access to Voyager Smart Order Routing services, offering fast access to the crypto marketplace, with trade notifications ready to archive in Metrixx.

  • Advanced market data, interactive charts, and professional research provides the powerful tools investors need to gain a competitive edge in the crypto market.
  • Offline storage, advanced fraud protection, and government-regulated processes keep your assets secure and your personal information safe.
  • Track and manage a diverse portfolio of crypto assets without opening multiple exchange accounts. Monitor performance at an asset level or for your entire crypto portfolio.
  • Metrixx uses Voyager market data to value stock portfolio’s in multiple crypto, also provides year-end crypto Fair Value prices required to complete tax-basis valuations.