Price Target Research (PTR)

Extensive research, proprietary ratings compiled on over 6,000 U.S. stocks. Provides the fundamental evaluation of a corporation, based on in-depth cash flow analysis and other performance metrics.

Key Pro Subscriptions features:

  • Auto alerts on each stock. Investors receive auto-updates on changes in each company’s’ PTR Ratings, news about corporate earnings, and significant changes in each stocks’ volatility.
  • Portfolio Link. AI-based application that proposes alternative portfolios with similar return characteristics, used to restructuring existing portfolios.
  • Peer Finder. Generates a list of single stocks with similar return characteristics users’ access when considering a sale or replacement of a particular stock in their portfolio.
  • Model Portfolios. Built and managed by Price Target Research (PTR) provides users with both Full and Fractional Share versions to accommodate any size investment.

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