Initial Margin(IM) for OTC derivatives

Vega’s Margin Managed module determines Initial Margin (IM) amounts, integrates seamlessly with external IM engines providing functionality to capture calculated IM amounts by portfolios, by positions across swap products and for different CCPs and counterparties.

New IM calculation engines can be plugged-in seamlessly to existing derivatives system as CCPs come onboard and other bilateral counterparties for non-cleared swaps.

Value added functionalities include –

  • IM Reconciliation by broker to determine IM exposure across brokers and recon IM postings
  • ‘What If’ IM Scenario calculations – a key need for today’s fund managers before executing the trade to get the best outcome beforehand.
  • Margin management module supports calculation of IM for swaps traded at CME i.e. IRS, CDS, FX products.