Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Calculator.

Independent tool to instantly measure FX transaction costs against NCFX’s award winning spot currency data.   Also measures FX Forwards, Swaps, NDFs and restricted currencies.

Compliance, risk, and traders are able to evaluate transaction costs through an easy to use, fast Excel add-in.   Costs are established by measuring against the independent NCFX Data Stream which establishes an independent mid-rate in 65 currency pairs 20 times a second.   Reporting applications included with the TCA tool provide a common reference to define executions and the ability of the execution provider and venue to deliver efficient trade executions, benchmarked against a data stream that cannot be manipulated.

Managed solutions are provided by the NewChangeFX/Metrixx service teams, offering a single source for Transaction Cost Analysis, with features including integrated trade archival, market data, and Fair Price benchmarks to meet global regulatory mandates for execution analysis.