Meet Deanna, a personalized AI Robot providing hourly indicators on 15 leading Crypto's continuously.

The trading of virtual currencies and Bitcoin futures carries additional risk. Prior to the trading of virtual currencies, please view the NFA and CFTC advisories providing more information on these potentially significant risks. 

Deanna’s Premium Pack

An opportunity to have access to Deanna’s indicators and a collection of cryptocurrency knowledge from experts from the industry.

Your #1 Assistant in Trading

Deanna predicts the cryptocurrency market behavior for the next ten hours, creates a new indicator every hour and helps you to make informed decisions.

Deanna’s features:

  • Crypto Indicators --> A real-time heatmap bubble offers you access to an updated-hourly cryptocurrency prediction made by Deanna.
  • Risk assessment --> Deanna looks at all the market situations that are similar to the current situation and computes what was the average, min, and max returns during the 10 hours.
  • Crypto picking --> Deanna ranks you the trendiest, newest, and highest market cap. cryptocurrencies out there so you can find out more about them and increase your crypto knowledge.

Deanna’s Premium Pack

3-months subscription plan

$49.00 per 3 months

  • Full access to Deanna’s crypto indicators and smart alerts
  • 3 informative webinars
    • AI in the global digital currency market
    • Q&A session to learn first-hand how Deanna supports investing and trading decisions
    • Real time trading experiences
    • Introduction to industry practices such as Staking (lending crypto to generate investment income) and will introduce additional robots coming online.
  • Daily podcasts on Twitter

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