We are metrixx.

Metrixx delivers equity research, portfolio development and analysis service to professional investors and their providers. Investment advisors, wealth managers, and corporations use Metrixx to evaluate portfolios, access our AI-based portfolio balancing and new idea tools, and to generate independent reports on portfolio performance.

Who we are.

Financial technologists and market specialists with deep domain experience in portfolio research, trading and markets, and information system development. We’ve assembled the precise mix of intellectual property, market knowledge, and investment reporting functionality needed to understand portfolio performance, all delivered on our secure digital platform available on desktop and mobile devices.

How we work.

Metrixx services are delivered in multiple subscription levels to providers and their customers. We are a fully independent financial information service, agnostic to advisor or broker affiliations. Our research and reporting services are available for private labelling and are fully managed and supported, ready for immediate distribution to investors.

Use Cases

Curated Investment Information

Our platform provides investors, managers, and investment professionals with the data and tools needed to measure the markets.

Use Cases