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Market Physics™ Scorecard
EUR/USD Future [EU6H14]
USA | Last Update: 09.02.2015 04:39 pm
All data delayed 15 minutes.
Current Price
0.0001 (0.01 %)
Metrixx Fair Price
0.0032 Above Last Price
Metrixx Value Area
Below Value Area Range
The chart showing 3997373 series, 3997374 series, 3997375 series, 3997376 series, 3997377 series, 3997378 series, 3997379 series, 3997380 series, 3997381 series, 3997382 series, 3997383 series, 3997384 series, 3997385 series, 3997386 series, 3997387 series, 3997388 series, 3997389 series, 3997390 series, 3997391 series, 3997392 series, 3997393 series, 3997394 series, 3997395 series, 3997396 series, 3997397 series, 3997398 series, 3997399 series, 3997400 series, 3997401 series, 3997402 series, 3997403 series, 3997404 series, 3997405 series, 3997406 series, 3997407 series, Latest series.
Open1.3783Early Session High1.3787
Close1.3746Early Session Low1.3768
Delta Price0.0032Session High1.3794
Delta Time846849 minSession Low1.3742

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Fair Price is the most frequently traded price of a product — providing traders with a true sense of activity in the market.

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“Fair Price areas show me what ranges I should look for and provides me a better insight into the markets than just a typical support and resistance numbers.”

Trader Bob, Chicago

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